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Press Releases 2013

U.S. Embassy Trains Young Citizen Photojournalists

Colon and Panama City, February 21-22, 2012
Instructors and participants of the Workshop

Instructors and participants of the Workshop

The United States Embassy conducted photography workshops for 20 youth from Colon and Panama City. The purpose of these workshops was to show young people how to tell a story using images and enable them to document their lives thus becoming citizen photojournalists. Each participant received a digital camera as well as instruction on how to take well composed images. The resulting photographs will be used in two public exhibitions later this year: one in Colon and one in Panama City.

These workshops were conducted at Youth Outreach Centers which are part of the Alcance Positivo program supported by the United States Embassy. The two participating centers, Club Samurai in Colon and Fundación Ministerios de una Vida Abundante (MUVA) in Calidonia, like the other 20 of their kind in Panama, provide safe spaces for entertainment and learning for Panamanian youth from underserved communities, opening the doors of opportunity through cultural, sports and educational activities, vocational advising and training and wholesome recreational activities.

Miguel Moreno, one of the photo workshop instructors and the U.S. Embassy’s official photographer,said: “Taking photos is like creating a visual diary. Everyone has a story to tell and photos are a great way to tell it.”

Julia McKay, the U.S. Embassy’s Press Officer and former photography instructor, said: “The world is becoming increasingly visual and almost everyone has the possibility of taking photos, even if it is just with their cell phones. If a picture can speak a thousand words, I can’t wait to see what these young people have to say.”

These workshops are part of the U.S. Embassy’s efforts to help open the doors of opportunity for all Panamanians, from all communities and neighborhoods, so that they can reach their dreams and fully contribute to society.

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